Reset Breathing: The Shortcut to Inner Peace

  Your boss just called you into his office. You’re stuck in a traffic jam. Your daughter is mouthing off to you. Here’s where the “Fight or Flight” response sets in.   Your Brain: *emergency alarm sounds* “We have a code Red, I repeat, a code Red. You know the drill boys! Amygdala, Hypothalamus, man your battle stations! Pituitary gland, we need that ACTH, stat! Arm the Cortisol and Adrenaline missiles! Execute!”   And then what happens? Heart rate increases, muscles … [Read more...]

Stress: Turn the Daily Grind Into a New Frame of Mind

  Stressed out? Swamped at work? Home life feeling chaotic? Feeling a little nuts? We’ve all been there. Sometimes stress gets its dirty little hooks in us and we stay there. Speaking of dirty little hooks, we’ve all heard the phrase “stress, the silent killer”, but recent studies have shown that we may being giving stress a bad rap.   What Is Stress? Stress is the anticipation or experience of adversity or difficulty. We have an instinctual ability to combat this in the form of our … [Read more...]