How to Create Your 2015 Vision

  How awkward would it be to play a game of basketball in complete darkness? The players would be bumping their heads against each other, one guy keeps tripping over the benches, and not a single basket is made. Sounds like a waste of time. If you don't have a clear and concise vision for what 2015 will bring you, you too will be playing basketball in the dark. Illuminate your 2015 vision by taking the necessary steps today. Tick tock, tick tock.   Define In one sentence, … [Read more...]

How to Find Your Role Model

  No need to reinvent the wheel. Somebody out there in this cosmic whirlwind has already had the success that you dream of. Now, maybe they chose a different topping for their double scoop, but the steps they took up until that point don’t change. If you don’t have the type of success that you want in your life, go shopping for a role model who’s “been there, done that”- it’s the expressway.   Define Success Success doesn’t mean the same thing to everybody, nor does it yield the … [Read more...]

Ultimate Manifestation: Get What You Want by Not Wanting It

  What a terrifying thought! It’s because thinking has a very small role in this whole process. It doesn’t like small roles. So it’s the thinking that makes this terrifying. And what’s the fear? That getting what you want can be simple.   The Noise Wanting interferes with the connection between you and what you want. The noise is in the anticipation, the fear, and the obsession. It’s like trying to learn the next part of your favorite soap opera when the channel isn’t … [Read more...]

Life after Consciousness: How to Live with Those who Won’t

  Hooray! An epiphany! Your new awareness has opened a dimension of intelligence to you. Instantaneous comprehension has unveiled a “New Way”. You’re ready to implement this new knowledge. You’re charged with the highest grade energy and nothing can stop you. Except, something does stop you. An immovable object. Every ocean wave shares this fate. It approaches the beach, rises, falls, looses momentum, and withdrawals. Yeah, it slowly but surely beats down the beach into … [Read more...]

Spiritual Self-Hypnosis (3/3): How to Self-Hypnotize

  This is part 3 of a 3 part series: Spiritual Self-Hypnosis (1/3): Align Your Power and Will Spiritual Self-Hypnosis (2/3): How to be a Belief Architect   Some things in life require a little bit of guess work. That’s not what we’re doing with our self-hypnosis. You’re going to go to the root of your associations and beliefs, learn where and what they are, evaluate their effectiveness, and promote change if needed. We’re doing this to realize our higher … [Read more...]