How to Let Your Best, Creative Ideas Naturally Surface in Conversation

  You have good ideas, but they’re not coming out. It’s hurting your personal and professional relationships. You have so much to offer. You have a unique perspective and opinion that has the potential to serve you and your loved ones in a very special and real way. But it’s not happening. You know the idea, but you don’t know why it’s not coming out. It’s such a short distance from the brain to the mouth. What’s going on here? Take a moment to think of all the good ideas you’ve … [Read more...]

How To Breakthrough and Master Mind-Blowing Meditation (Part 8)

  Welcome to the final article in this series. By now you have a very, very good idea of what meditation is, how to prepare for it, how to perform it, and how to maximize time spent meditating with post meditation exercises. You are the king (or queen) of your domain. But what about outside of your domain? What’s going to happen just beyond your castle walls? It’s the difference between a scientist working in the “laboratory” and working in the “field”. In the lab, he has control … [Read more...]

How To Breakthrough and Master Mind-Blowing Meditation (Part 4)

  If you’ve been following us in this series, you are now a whiz at meditation. You know everything you need to know to develop and grow a internally and externally rewarding lifelong practice. Keep it up. Incorporating this personal mediation practice into your everyday schedule will promise you a realized life. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. As mentioned before, the more you invest in your practice, the more rewarding it will become. You will have and share in conscious healing, … [Read more...]

How To Breakthrough and Master Mind-Blowing Meditation (Part 3)

  After reading PART 1 and PART 2, you are finally ready to “blast off” and collect experiences worthy of your spiritual trophy case. …It’s the connection to Life and Source that you’ve been hunting. And what happens when you align with Life and Source? No obstacles. Total unification. Conscious healing. Conscious strengthening. Conscious manifestations. This is the “bag of tricks” you’ll want to take with you everywhere you go. …And you can. The beauty of this entire design is … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way to Show People the Best You

  You have a good heart and the best intentions. But why doesn’t it always shine through? You want to share the best You with the people you love, but it always comes out distorted. You don’t know why this happens, but you know what happens. The people you want to share with and support are let down. You couldn’t quite give them what they “needed” in that moment. It creates a vicious cycle of guilt and depression. They’re sad because you couldn’t help them. You’re sad because you … [Read more...]