How To Excite Your Portable Energy System (Part 2)

  Did you read our last article? If not, please do so. You want to hear “why” you need to know about Prana, Nadis, and Chakras. And what are these things exactly? That’s what we’re exploring in this article. We’re giving you the “101” on your portable energy system. And why on earth would you want to know anything about these Sanskrit words? Because it’s much, much more than words. The words are the beginning of the unfolding of your self-knowledge. With this knowledge, you … [Read more...]

Inner Imagery: The Answer to Spiritual Relief (Part II)

  We’re picking up where our last article left off. Our goal is to provide ourselves with relief- “ourselves” with relief. Not through prescriptions, not through distractions, no smoke, no mirrors- just plain ol’ good fashioned self-healing. We’re using inner imagery. It’s safe, fun, and effective…and free. If you missed our last article, visit it now as it is something of a prerequisite to working with this information.   Preparation Get the list of what ails you and how, … [Read more...]

A Sweet Little Meditation to Excite Your Confidence

  Remember Batman? He was just some regular guy with a bunch of expensive tools clipped to a belt. And wasn’t he cool though? He always had the perfectly designed tool for every situation. The normal boundaries that we’re accustomed to didn’t apply to him. If he needed to get on the roof, he fired his little gun, and poof…he was on the roof. Wouldn’t it be great to move through life with such confidence and precision? And what would this kind of flow do for your happiness? Well, … [Read more...]

How to Eternalize with Your Lover

  It’s like the great resetting. All the hustle and bustle of your individual, but also paired lives, falls away. And what is left? The two of you. Two incarnations of the same source.   Your Task Oriented Life But normal life doesn’t really feel this way, does it? It’s more like somebody has to pick up the kids from soccer practice, who’s making dinner, and extra hours at work this week. It’s a task oriented life. …This is ok and a lot of time necessary, but where’s … [Read more...]

How to Triangulate Your Emotional Baggage, Part II

  In our last article you learned a great technique to dump your emotional baggage. Did you try it? If so, leave a comment in this or the previous article so we can test our instruction and learn more about how our community is using this technique. The great thing about what was shared in Part I was that it was a revolutionary technique you could do from the comfort of your own home. Why revolutionary? Because it will change the entire landscape of your day. It’s the difference … [Read more...]