How to Command Lower Body Consciousness

  Cowboys are the masters of lower body consciousness. They understand all too well the importance of being rooted in action and commanding the situation. They have to. Their job on the ranch is terribly demanding and there’s no room for weakness or fear. Their bravery, tenacity, and endurance has chiseled them into the hearts and minds of generations as the ultimate hero. They hold this sacred space in our lives because of their ability to rule. They wrangle man, beast, terrain, and … [Read more...]

How To Breakthrough and Master Mind-Blowing Meditation (Part 7)

  Now that we’re all masters of meditation, let’s secure our investment. The more you invest in meditation, the more value it will create for you. But how can we secure this value? How can we quantify our time spent performing “one handed claps”? It’s easy. We will create a bridge from the meditative experience to the reality of your day-to-day. We will create this bridge by performing post meditation exercises. These exercises help us to see and feel the value of our meditative … [Read more...]

How To Breakthrough and Master Mind-Blowing Meditation (Part 2)

  We’re moving forward and giving motion to the materials learned in our last article. In this article, we’re preparing our mind…to prepare our space…to prepare our meditation experience. You already have a lot on your plate, we want to make sure that the time you invest in your personal meditation practice is maximized both in enjoyment and utility. That means being comfortable during your meditation. Those who skip this step find the aches and pains of their physical situation … [Read more...]

How To Excite Your Portable Energy System (Part 4)

  Thank you for joining us for the exciting AND exhilarating conclusion of “How To Excite Your Portable Energy System”. If you haven’t read and familiarized yourself with PART 1, PART 2, and PART 3 of this series, pause now and do so. They are the prerequisites for the content discussed in this article. If you’re all caught up, you should have a great understanding of: Prana, Nadis, and Chakra, How they work together, How they are unique, What their roles are in your portable … [Read more...]

Lift Your Tired Face with Third Chakra Fire

  It’s starting to show. The stress from the office. The aggression from traffic. The piling up to-do list. It’s all starting to show. The signs of your tired mode are everywhere. We can see it in your posture. We can hear it in your voice. We can feel it in your attitude. It makes for a yucky presentation. Your loved ones are patient with you…up to a certain point. And forget about your boss or the guy at the deli showing you love- they’re as tired as you are. Everybody’s suffering. The best … [Read more...]