4 Types of Relationships That Will Destroy Your Happiness

  We are our relationships. Our connection to ourselves and to others shape the reality of this existence. But we’re not always satisfied with these relationships, are we? When we work on the relationship with ourselves, we have complete control. We choose what direction to move forward in and we start taking the necessary steps to get there. The only challenges we face are motivation, skills, and determination. But what about when you add another person to the mix? Two different … [Read more...]

The Hardline: How to Create Free, Fluid, and Flexible Relationships (Part 2)

  If you’re serious about reaching the full potential of your familial, romantic, and professional relationships, you’ll create clear and communicable boundaries. And don’t hold your breath waiting on the other party to be the initiator- it’s not going to happen. Most of us have only a few, flimsy boundaries at best. It’s an underdeveloped 21st century human skill. And now this skill is more important than ever. 21st century technology has exponentially grown the number of people we have … [Read more...]

How to Eternalize with Your Lover

  It’s like the great resetting. All the hustle and bustle of your individual, but also paired lives, falls away. And what is left? The two of you. Two incarnations of the same source.   Your Task Oriented Life But normal life doesn’t really feel this way, does it? It’s more like somebody has to pick up the kids from soccer practice, who’s making dinner, and extra hours at work this week. It’s a task oriented life. …This is ok and a lot of time necessary, but where’s … [Read more...]