How to Liberate the Crippling Load of Your Heaviest Problem

  Everybody has problems. They help us to build character, discover what’s truly important, and to develop compassion and connection with others. Are our problems a blessing in disguise? …Hardly. And while we may be able to put on our “positive thinking caps” for a few moments and make light of whatever problems currently on our plate, there’s one problem that can’t be ignored. …You know what it is. It’s the led in your pockets. It’s your Achilles heel. It’s the axe waiting to … [Read more...]

How to Triangulate Your Emotional Baggage

  We all have it. It’s one of the few things that binds us humans together. The funny thing is… None of us want it. And why not? Because emotional baggage feels bad. Duh, right? And why does it feel bad? Because deep down we know that we are not realizing our true potential, that there is something attached to us that’s keeping us from truly knowing ourselves. What could be more painful than that? Can we agree that your emotional baggage isn’t helping you or anyone you … [Read more...]