How To Excite Your Portable Energy System

  You’re driving happily down the highway. All of a sudden your tire goes flat. You pull over to the side of the road to assess the situation. No surprises here- it’s a flat tire. What do you do? You have 3 options: Call a tow truck to come pick up you and your car Apply a patch Change the tire yourself What will you choose? Option #1 is going to cost a great deal of time and money. You have to sit and wait in the hot sun as cars whiz by at 80 mph. You: Where’s that … [Read more...]

The Answer to Why Your Manifestations Don’t Manifest

  You’ve been working towards your Manifestation. You’ve decided what IT actually is. You read some article or book telling you to visualize it (or some other technique). You put in the time. You put in the effort. But why isn’t your Manifestation here? Because you haven’t given it shape. Your Manifestation is air- it’s just floating around. It’s time to give it gravity. It’s time to give it shape. It’s time to reach out and grab it.   Your Shapeless Manifestation This … [Read more...]