The Manifestation Help You’ve Been Looking For

  You have to get what you want. There’s no way around it. You have to get what you want… even if it’s not “good” for you. When you do, two things happen. You realize your powers in Manifestation You can then look at your Manifestation and decide if this “thing” is “good” for you or not- then move on. The “move on” is huge and vital to your personal development. Without acquisition, you’re stuck wondering what that goal could look like, what it could sound like, and what it … [Read more...]

4 Factors That Cramp Your Manifestations

  Have you ever played catch? What about catch with a baseball glove and baseball? If so, then you know the genius in the design of the glove. It’s light, durable, comfortable, and flexible. The most important feature of the glove is its shape. Why? Answer: Because it’s empty. Imagine trying to catch a ball with a glove that was already full. The incoming ball would hit the glove, bounce off, and land on the ground. The way in which you receive your manifestations follow the … [Read more...]

How to Skyrocket Creative Manifestations

  We all want something. And we all have different ideas about how to get it. For some, that’s a 60 hour work week. For others, it’s buying a lotto ticket with every paycheck. Both can work, but here’s a much more fun, rewarding, and significant way of getting exactly what you want.   What Does It Involve? It’s easy to explain and easy to do. But the reward comes from making this technique “your own”. That means setting up the time and space to perform this technique, … [Read more...]

Manifest with the Lunar Eclipse: How to use Light to Block and Attract

  Alright everyone, time to get your Manifestation on. Tonight is a very special night for us Western Hemisphere-ians. Sorry Eastern Hemisphere-ians, your time will come (don’t worry, this article has something for you too). Tonight you have the opportunity to experience a total lunar eclipse *huge applause*. Not only will it treat your eyes with hypnotic shades of red, but it will also teach you a thing or two about blocking and reflecting. Lunar eclipse 101: Our sun gives light. The … [Read more...]

Your Karmic Word: Create and Receive Value through Alignment

The Universe holds you accountable for what you say. When you do what you say, the universe presents you with more opportunities. Universe: “Say, check out Mr. Bob down there. Now that’s someone who follows through with what he says. What was that thing he kept asking for- money to fund his business idea? Shoot, I know if I spend my Universal energy on moving that money towards him, he’ll put it into action. Ok, it’s decided! Send Mr. Bob a winning lottery ticket…and make sure he finds it on the curb … [Read more...]