6 Traps that Ensnare Your Power of Presence

  “Gotcha!” says the Trapper of the great Alaskan Frontier as he approaches his handmade trap. It’s a simple and genius device that Trappers have been using for hundreds of years without one improvement or alternation- it’s sheer perfection. The hungry animal takes the bait and the trap is sprung. The animal is robbed of its life energy, so that its remaining physical resources may be put to some other use. This whole animal/Trapper/trap thing seems pretty far away from your lifestyle, … [Read more...]

The Shockingly Simple Technique to Immediately Raise Your Vibrational Level

  There’s nothing worse than working with all your might towards a goal in life only to find it’s not what you wished it would be. For many people, this sad and embarrassing truth is only revealed after years of investment- for some, a lifetime. There’s no reset button. No, “let me try that again”. The time is lost and it’s not coming back. When confronted with moments like these, the best of us will put on our shiniest smile and use what was learned to move forward. For others, it’s a … [Read more...]

Lift Your Tired Face with Third Chakra Fire

  It’s starting to show. The stress from the office. The aggression from traffic. The piling up to-do list. It’s all starting to show. The signs of your tired mode are everywhere. We can see it in your posture. We can hear it in your voice. We can feel it in your attitude. It makes for a yucky presentation. Your loved ones are patient with you…up to a certain point. And forget about your boss or the guy at the deli showing you love- they’re as tired as you are. Everybody’s suffering. The best … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Guilt-Free Happiness

  There is a way to free up more Happiness in your life. This implies that some of it is trapped, or imprisoned. Does this feel right? Do you feel like something is keeping your Happiness away from you? If so, then what could that be? It’s something that has an incredible amount of power with unlimited possibilities. It’s you. You are the guard, lock, and key to your Happiness- release it!   The Sentence What imprisoned your Happiness in the first place? Do you know … [Read more...]

The New Model for Happiness- TAKE IT: Part II

  In our last article, we figured out why seeing Happiness through success is an outdated and broken model. Why? Because it puts you in a constant cycle of seeking. What’s better than “seeking”? Answer: Acquiring. So here’s the question, “What kind of model will help me to ACQUIRE Happiness?” It’s really not that complicated. The genius is in its simplicity. The model that is going to serve you best is the one that shapes your observation and interpretation of this world with … [Read more...]