How To Breakthrough and Master Mind-Blowing Meditation (Part 6)

  Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s finally here! We’re finally ready to tackle the coveted, and often misunderstood, manifestation meditation. We’ve covered everything we’ve needed to including: PART 1: Why meditate? PART 2: Prepare the body PART 3: Prepare the experience PART 4: Stylings of meditation PART 5: Additional stylings of meditation If you want to work with this manifestation meditation, you must read and familiarize yourself with the material covered in all previous articles. … [Read more...]

The New Model for Happiness- TAKE IT: Part II

  In our last article, we figured out why seeing Happiness through success is an outdated and broken model. Why? Because it puts you in a constant cycle of seeking. What’s better than “seeking”? Answer: Acquiring. So here’s the question, “What kind of model will help me to ACQUIRE Happiness?” It’s really not that complicated. The genius is in its simplicity. The model that is going to serve you best is the one that shapes your observation and interpretation of this world with … [Read more...]

The New Model for Happiness- TAKE It

  If you want Happiness, you have to TAKE it. A different feel than your usual Dalai Lama sort of approach, isn’t it? Well…it’s because most of us aren’t the Dalai Lama. We live in a different world than most of the Queens and Kings of Peace that we all respect so much. And in this world…the squeeze in a quick exercise, the “got to catch up on my sleep”, the eat when you have the time world…you have to TAKE your Happiness. Why? Because nobody will give it to you. So what can … [Read more...]

Occupy Your Consciousness with the Full Body Meditation

    Your only real possession- the body. And someday you have to give it back. Until that day, why not get as many miles out of it as you can? After all, it is the vehicle in which you experience this world. Why not give her a tune up and clean all the dead bugs off the windshield? Not liking the car analogy? How about this… No matter what you do, you have to take your body with you. If it’s a suitcase, put wheels on the bottom for easy transport. So whether you’re … [Read more...]

How to Access Whole Body Intelligence

  When we think of intelligence, we think of the mind’s capacity to learn, understand, and communicate. However, there are other forms of intelligence that we need to develop in order to reach and maintain a balanced life. If life is a classroom and all the dimensions of yourself are the students, what kind of grades is your body making? A’s? B’s? Or are your parents getting phone calls about truancy? For most of us, the body is the one sitting in the back of the classroom. It’s the … [Read more...]