How To Breakthrough and Master Mind-Blowing Meditation (Part 6)

  Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s finally here! We’re finally ready to tackle the coveted, and often misunderstood, manifestation meditation. We’ve covered everything we’ve needed to including: PART 1: Why meditate? PART 2: Prepare the body PART 3: Prepare the experience PART 4: Stylings of meditation PART 5: Additional stylings of meditation If you want to work with this manifestation meditation, you must read and familiarize yourself with the material covered in all previous articles. … [Read more...]

A Guide to Capitalize on Your Uniqueness

  Don’t cheat the world of your uniqueness. It wrecks the whole master plan. What is the master plan? Answer: For all of Earth’s participants to support and encourage our human evolution. Here’s where you come in.   Your Special Move Everyone is special and unique…which kind of makes nobody special or unique. It’s a paradox. However, it is certain that there is one action that will divide all groups of people. To discover which side you are on, ask yourself this… “Am … [Read more...]