The Present Moment: How to Turn Your Struggle Into Enlightenment

  Why don’t we have the happiness that we want? The motivation is there. The opportunity is there. Where is it going wrong? This is the answer everybody wants to know… ...Only...the thing is...we’re asking the wrong question. Knowing that we don’t have the happiness that we deserve is the beginning, but what’s the next step?   Most of Us Most of us don’t know what that next step is. We add another layer of confusion on top of the tangled event. We’re like the curious dog … [Read more...]

Living with Ego (2/2): How to Take Back Your Power

  This is part 2 of a 2 part series: Living with Ego (1/2): How to Escape the Drama  Fantastic! You were able to put your ego on the shelf long enough to make it to the next article. Dalai Lama, watch out. There’s a new kid in town. So now that we have an idea about what the ego is and how it operates, we can free ourselves from it, right? Yes, but it’s going to take time and effort.   A Life with Consciousness Welcome to a life with consciousness. Moving egoic patterns … [Read more...]

The Present Moment: The Land of the Free

  What is the present moment? Is it a place? Can you buy souvenirs there? Maybe a coffee mug with your name on it? Is it a thing? Can you use it, and if so, can you personalize it like your phone case? Not really. The present moment is beyond what the mind can understand. And that’s good news. We want a life that has more than what our brains can deliver us.   Free to Make Observations In the present moment, you’re free to make incredible observations. Observations that aren’t limited … [Read more...]