3 Powerful and Proven Steps to Outwit Your Scary To-Do List (Part 2)

  You’ve already learned one of the most important influencers in how you feel about your to-do list. What was that again? Answer: Momentum. We need that stuff. Did you read all about it in PART 1? If not, go ahead and pause on this article, read Part 1, then come back to Part 2. We know that momentum is important and we also know that we don’t want just any ol’ momentum. We want momentum that’s weaved with Peace and Balance. This is the difference between loving and hating the work that … [Read more...]

A Sweet Little Meditation to Excite Your Confidence

  Remember Batman? He was just some regular guy with a bunch of expensive tools clipped to a belt. And wasn’t he cool though? He always had the perfectly designed tool for every situation. The normal boundaries that we’re accustomed to didn’t apply to him. If he needed to get on the roof, he fired his little gun, and poof…he was on the roof. Wouldn’t it be great to move through life with such confidence and precision? And what would this kind of flow do for your happiness? Well, … [Read more...]