How to Use Spontaneity to Save Your Sanity

  When African mammals travel during their migrations, water can be something of a rarity. Animals will fight and kill to gain advantage of just about any watering hole. But not EVERY watering hole. Do you know which ones go left untouched? The ones that are poisoned from stagnation. These animals, just like their ancestors before them, know that each year they’re gambling with their lives to reach greener pastures. They also know that they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell if … [Read more...]

How to Break Your Habitual Stream of Useless Thinking

  We’re all the victim in this one. We think and think…and think. Mostly about useless and repetitive information- we get caught in “the loop”. We do it so much and so often that it has become a habit. And because it’s everybody’s habit, it’s normal. It’s normal to think all day of useless information. It’s an epidemic! It cripples our freedom and leaves us in the gutter with all of our big and small problems ganging up on us. This can’t go on. The good news is… it’s not so … [Read more...]

How to Multiply Your Synchronicity

  All of your favorite songs have harmony. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you’ve enjoyed, enjoy now, or will enjoy; music has found it’s foothold in what works. And how do we know it works? Because we always come back for more. It’s the idea that life isn’t random, that we’re not just fumbling around in chaos until we die, and the good news is- it’s true. Simultaneity has meaning beyond mere coincidence. You personally know this to be true. Remember that one time “the stars … [Read more...]

How to Use Your Frustration E-Break

  When fighter pilots are faced with life and death decisions during battle, they rely on their training. They use maneuvers and techniques that experts have developed and have proven to be effective time and time again. There’s one technique that is used when the enemy is flying directly behind and has the soldier locked in their sights. With one fluid motion, the soldier challenges its relationship with gravity and performs a backwards somersault granting him the same position his enemy … [Read more...]

How to Access Whole Body Intelligence

  When we think of intelligence, we think of the mind’s capacity to learn, understand, and communicate. However, there are other forms of intelligence that we need to develop in order to reach and maintain a balanced life. If life is a classroom and all the dimensions of yourself are the students, what kind of grades is your body making? A’s? B’s? Or are your parents getting phone calls about truancy? For most of us, the body is the one sitting in the back of the classroom. It’s the … [Read more...]