Dream Interpretation (2/2): How to Interpret Your Dreams

  This is part 2 of 2 part series: Dream Interpretation (1/2): A Wealth of Knowledge   In our last article, we discussed how dreams can help us develop our conscious mind. In this article, we’re putting on our work gloves.   Learn the Language “What do you mean learn the language? I’m already quite proficient in my native tongue.” Yes, of course you are, but your unconscious mind is trying to communicate to you in your language. It’s using a more powerful one, one … [Read more...]

The Present Moment: The Land of the Free

  What is the present moment? Is it a place? Can you buy souvenirs there? Maybe a coffee mug with your name on it? Is it a thing? Can you use it, and if so, can you personalize it like your phone case? Not really. The present moment is beyond what the mind can understand. And that’s good news. We want a life that has more than what our brains can deliver us.   Free to Make Observations In the present moment, you’re free to make incredible observations. Observations that aren’t limited … [Read more...]