How To Breakthrough and Master Mind-Blowing Meditation (Part 3)

  After reading PART 1 and PART 2, you are finally ready to “blast off” and collect experiences worthy of your spiritual trophy case. …It’s the connection to Life and Source that you’ve been hunting. And what happens when you align with Life and Source? No obstacles. Total unification. Conscious healing. Conscious strengthening. Conscious manifestations. This is the “bag of tricks” you’ll want to take with you everywhere you go. …And you can. The beauty of this entire design is … [Read more...]

Get Instant Emotional Release Now with This New 2nd Chakra Technique

  The puppet doesn’t know it’s a puppet. It looks through its wooden eyes, out into the world and wonders. It wonders of life beyond its little stage. It wonders why people react the way they do to its performance. It wonders why it was given this stiff, clunky body. The puppet thinks it has control over its actions. It thinks it wrote the song it sings. It thinks it chose its cute dance. This puppet does not have Vision. If it did, it would be able to see the semi-transparent … [Read more...]

The Shockingly Simple Technique to Immediately Raise Your Vibrational Level

  There’s nothing worse than working with all your might towards a goal in life only to find it’s not what you wished it would be. For many people, this sad and embarrassing truth is only revealed after years of investment- for some, a lifetime. There’s no reset button. No, “let me try that again”. The time is lost and it’s not coming back. When confronted with moments like these, the best of us will put on our shiniest smile and use what was learned to move forward. For others, it’s a … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Guilt-Free Happiness

  There is a way to free up more Happiness in your life. This implies that some of it is trapped, or imprisoned. Does this feel right? Do you feel like something is keeping your Happiness away from you? If so, then what could that be? It’s something that has an incredible amount of power with unlimited possibilities. It’s you. You are the guard, lock, and key to your Happiness- release it!   The Sentence What imprisoned your Happiness in the first place? Do you know … [Read more...]

The Answer to Why Your Manifestations Don’t Manifest

  You’ve been working towards your Manifestation. You’ve decided what IT actually is. You read some article or book telling you to visualize it (or some other technique). You put in the time. You put in the effort. But why isn’t your Manifestation here? Because you haven’t given it shape. Your Manifestation is air- it’s just floating around. It’s time to give it gravity. It’s time to give it shape. It’s time to reach out and grab it.   Your Shapeless Manifestation This … [Read more...]