2 Modes of Exhalation to Immediately Cleanse Your Noxious Mood

  How do you manage the “left overs” of your daily frustrations and confrontations? If you’re like most people, you don’t. Instead, you “suck it up”, tense the muscles, smile, and carry on. We’ve all become quite good at this, some of us are even experts. For those of us who don’t immediately address the power of our thoughts and emotions during the day-to-day, suffer real physical consequences. You’ve seen these consequences. You recognize them in yourself. The face has morphed … [Read more...]

How To Excite Your Portable Energy System (Part 3)

  You’re almost there. You almost have the knowledge you need to command your portable energy system. But before we continue, ask yourself… Does my portable energy system actually need “commanding”? I mean…weren’t you doing “pretty okay” without this knowledge of Prana, Nadis, and Chakras? What can this knowledge actually do for you? This knowledge brings you to Balance. When Balance is realized, an ancient and true energy awakens. This energy serves us in connecting to our … [Read more...]

Lift Your Tired Face with Third Chakra Fire

  It’s starting to show. The stress from the office. The aggression from traffic. The piling up to-do list. It’s all starting to show. The signs of your tired mode are everywhere. We can see it in your posture. We can hear it in your voice. We can feel it in your attitude. It makes for a yucky presentation. Your loved ones are patient with you…up to a certain point. And forget about your boss or the guy at the deli showing you love- they’re as tired as you are. Everybody’s suffering. The best … [Read more...]