How To Excite Your Portable Energy System (Part 2)

  Did you read our last article? If not, please do so. You want to hear “why” you need to know about Prana, Nadis, and Chakras. And what are these things exactly? That’s what we’re exploring in this article. We’re giving you the “101” on your portable energy system. And why on earth would you want to know anything about these Sanskrit words? Because it’s much, much more than words. The words are the beginning of the unfolding of your self-knowledge. With this knowledge, you … [Read more...]

How To Excite Your Portable Energy System

  You’re driving happily down the highway. All of a sudden your tire goes flat. You pull over to the side of the road to assess the situation. No surprises here- it’s a flat tire. What do you do? You have 3 options: Call a tow truck to come pick up you and your car Apply a patch Change the tire yourself What will you choose? Option #1 is going to cost a great deal of time and money. You have to sit and wait in the hot sun as cars whiz by at 80 mph. You: Where’s that … [Read more...]

The At-Home Test for Vitality of Breath

  We all felt the pain of our first F in school. Some of us took it harder than others, but at the end of the day, we all came to the same conclusion that life would go on. Now, being older, it’s difficult to even remember that one pop-quiz, or that midterm paper…or spelling test. It’s difficult to remember, because it doesn’t touch our life anymore. It’s old news. Who cares? In fact, if you added up all the Fs in your life, you’d probably be in the exact same place you are at this … [Read more...]

Intentional Breath That Grows Wisdom

  Intention is what shapes your life. Breath is that nice thing you do for your body about 20,000 times a day. Put them together and what do you got? The opportunity to move your life in the direction of your choosing. Here’s a thought…how about moving your life towards wisdom.   How Are We Going to Do It? Well, you already have the breathing down so we can skip over that. The other part is intention. So what is the intention that coats your breath to move towards … [Read more...]

Meet Your Inner Teacher

  So where is this Inner Teacher? Is it in the head? The heart? From above? The where is not nearly as important as the what. Ok, so what is this Inner Teacher? It’s a source of truth and intelligence that can provide you with relevant and rich guidance and experience. Sounds pretty cool, huh? It’s especially cool because this resource can be tapped into at any time by anyone. Your Inner Teacher will help you to heal, make decisions, and manifest. Ready to learn more? Good. … [Read more...]